Monday, November 15, 2010

Goal Pic

Goal pictures... We all have one, right?? Well, I certainly do. It was actually discouraging when I was looking back through pictures, because I realize how long it has actually been since I was in optimum shape. These pictures are from my Freshman year of College, before dating and marrying my sweet hubby. This is almost 5 years ago. After that, I put on a couple (seriously, only like 2) lbs that I have NEVER been able to get rid of.

When this picture was taken, I weighed 125 lbs. That's pretty much as "light" as I'll ever get. I have a lot of dense muscle, and I'm cool with that. Weight isn't the issue as much as how my body is shaped. Here's why this is my goal picture:

Defined, but thin arms. Not bulky.

I used to think that I would get bulky by lifting too much. I was quite disappointed when I was told that my arms only looked bulky when there was still fat on top of the muscle (thank you Jason - UV Dance Team trainer). I'm not afraid of muscle anymore. I just need to trim the fat as well.

Abs of steel and a thin waistline.

Ah, if I had only known then what I know how. Seriously...I am lucky to have the genetic predisposition that I do to have abs. I used to have people joke with me about washing their clothes on my stomach. (Stupid college boys at the pool.)

My abs never suck. Even now, they're not bad. I can proudly wear a two-piece, but my waistline is so much thicker and my abs don't even begin to compare. I would like an 8 pack, please! (Think Darah Torres!)

*I have included the second picture not because it's great, but because it shows how ripped my stomach was. Holy.


I don't know what to say about my legs in this picture, because they don't look amazing. Eh, they're definitely thinner than my legs are right now. The last picture is a better example of the toned gams I'd like to see make an appearance again.

I've always thought my legs were enormous and I have always hated them. However, since starting to read OXYGEN magazine, I have realized that women who are fit are proud of their shapely, muscular legs. I can have great legs - but it's like the arms. It's all the fat on top of the muscle that stands in the way between me and some greatness!

Which, as always, leads us right back to Diet, Diet, Diet.

Diet, Diet, Diet....Man I stink.

For so long (forever), I have had the mentality of eating whatever I want because I burn it all off dancing. Well, hello!! I don't dance that much anymore. And even if I work out well, I am not able to get where I want by maintaining by current diet of rich food and ENORMOUS proportions. I know I'm not the only one... From what I've read, diet is about 70-80% of your success. I'm not talking about dieting. I'm talking about changing your lifestyle and your standards for what you put in your body.

I SOOOOOOOOO need to practice what I preach.

I did get a little motivation at the gym this morning - that's right, I went to the gym again finally. I saw a mom and daughter duo who have been at the gym religiously since I moved back to Kamas (about 5 months ago). Every morning that I have been there, they have been there. And I'm sure it's no coincidence. They are solid. And they are doing GREAT workouts! Plenty of cardio including intervals, weights, plyo, etc. They really do have awesome workouts going for them. But in 5 months, I haven't seen the tiniest change in them. I'm sure they're stronger than they were before, but their bodies haven't changed at all. Obviously, they haven't changed their diet.

Don't get me wrong. This mom and daughter have a huge leg up on me. They have mastered the discipline of being at the gym everyday without fail. I totally admire them. But I also can look at them and see that I can't go on eating the way that I do and think that the gym will work some miracles.

When will I decide to change my eating lifestyle? When will I make being in the best shape possible a real priority, rather than just a wishful thought that occupies A LOT of thought in my head. I am capable of a lot... I know that I can get (back) in the greatest shape of my life. I've just got to figure out how I can make the change and stick to it.

Hello World

As if I need another blog. I don't even keep up on my family blog! But...sometimes there are things I want to blog/journal about that don't belong on my family blog. They don't belong on facebook, either. So here I am. I'm not about to try to define this blog...I'm not sure what I'll use it for. Pics, goals, food journals, rants, confessions, whatever.

Let me just give one disclaimer. I don't actually proclaim to be a Fit Mom. I just WANT to be one. I tried getting, but it was taken.